Eric Younkin Photography


Thoughts regarding the selection of an appropriate photographer for your wedding needs:

The photographer you select will likely be competent and capable of shooting your wedding. He or she will also turn out an adequate product, which will meet with your approval and your needs. However, to seize and capture the true spirit and essence of your unique day, select a photographer whose ultimate desire is to create an arrangement of artistic singularly exceptional images.

Choose a photographer with a passion, one who is a master at manipulating light and selecting the optimal exposure for each situation. Choose a photographer with the experience to take advantage of the limited time available, who understands artistic composition and has the knack to be at the proper place to capture and showcase those unforeseen moments.

Choose a photographer whose work is not one dimensional or flat but whose photos exude vibrant colors and whose subjects come alive in every scene. Choose a photographer whose resume includes hundreds of weddings and years of adapting to unexpected changes in settings and conditions. Choose a photographer who details their works in a large format, one without fear of close inspection.

Choose a photographer you are comfortable around and who truly appreciates your desires. DO NOT choose a photographer based primarily on the cost, whether it be the lowest or the highest; if you do, be prepared for disappointment. If photography is prominent on your list of priorities, spending 20 to 30% of your wedding budget for a lifetime of memories and the delight of generations yet to come is an investment well worth making.

At your leisure, take the opportunity to review some of Eric’s past work. Contact him or make an appointment if you have any questions regarding his art and your vision; every request receives his personal attention. Professional know-how and superior quality is the hallmark of Eric Younkin Photography.